Marianne Tromp – agile software development

Marianne is currently working at Pillar Technology Group  in Columbus, Ohio.

Technical Background

Marianne has 30 years of software development experience including:

  • development of scientific software applications for PCs, Macintoshes and proprietary computers in a variety of programming languages;
  • implementing a quality-oriented software development process to include code reviews and automated procedures;
  • instruction in object-oriented analysis, design and programming techniques based on UML;
  • developing requirements for products involving instrumentation hardware and software.

Marianne’s undergraduate degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Electrical & Computer Engineering provide her with writing and systems thinking skills that are unique for a software developer.

Broad range of interests

In addition to her technical background, Marianne has maintained a variety of interests in her spare time. These interests have led to the following activities:

  • teaching puppy socialization classes based on Clicker Training, a positive reinforcement approach;
  • facilitating a class based on the book “Excuse Me! Your life is waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn;
  • attending workshops by Greg Braden, Sonia Choquette, Jerry Weinberg, Jean McClendon, Tamara Andreas and Abraham-Hicks;
  • studying books on quantum physics written by David Bohm and others;
  • noticing similarities between quantum physics and spiritual teachings, and applying these to her own life.